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The Monarch Fund

Empowering Future Healthcare Leaders with Integrative Wellness and Nutrition Education

The Monarch Fund Mission

We are here to instill integrative health and wellness values into the future of healthcare. We envision a world where healthcare students and professionals recognize the integral role of nutrition and wellness, appreciating the profound body-mind connection.

In partnership with The University of Nebraska Medical Center and the local Culinary School, we are bringing cooking classes right to the doorstep of medical students. Through these classes, students gain essential knowledge and are encouraged to make holistic lifestyle choices that prioritize both physical and mental well-being.

David Aresty and his dogs Molly and Mindy

Our Story

Why the Monarch Fund was Established

Hi, my name is Ben Aresty. In 2012, after many years of visiting UNMC for treatment with my dad, David Aresty, I developed an awareness of how healthcare workers were not taking care of their own health. There was a gap in knowledge and applied practice.  I witnessed healthcare professionals working long hours, getting by with lots of caffeine, and eating most meals on the go. With my background being a chef, I could relate. While I prepared amazing food for others, I was barely taking care of my own health and nutrition needs. 

My dad passed away in 2013 from a sudden heart attack, preceded by years of health challenges. His passing catapulted me into taking action to learn about my own relationship with food, develop a deeper understanding of nutrition, and ultimately set me on a mission to help others with their relationships with food. 
The Monarch Fund holds a special place in my heart, I am grateful for the opportunity to be supporting healthcare professionals in this way and look forward to seeing how the implementation of healthy practices and lifestyle choices will become more and more prevalent in the medical industry.


Support The Cause

Your contribution is pivotal. With your support, the Monarch Fund will not only sustain its current programs but also expand its horizons, reaching out to more individuals, including our invaluable frontline workers.

Leadership Team

Susan Evans, MD

Department of Family Medicine

Steven Wengel, MD.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Wellness, UNMC


Founding Board Member 
The Monarch Fund

Amy Volk

Senior Vice President, UNMC

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